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Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

Having healthy hairs, naturally strong nails & a strong immunity system are some of the essential basics that we should always comply with. However, if your busy lifestyle makes it impossible for you to have radiant skin and strong hair, nails, consider adding our Bamboo Silica with Biotin to your life. It is the ultimate hair, skin and nails supplement on the market!

What is Bamboo Silica & it’s Uses in Skincare?

Bamboo silica is a nutrient rich extract from the bamboo plant. This nourishing nutrient is rich in antioxidant properties and promotes the growth of healthy hair and nails, with its silica-rich nutrient base. This is 10x the levels of silica found in the horsetail plant which is 5-7% which is why it is a great hair, skin and nails vitamin to be taking!

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  • Bamboo Silica (Bambusa Vulgaris) 300mg
  • Providing 210mg (70%) of Elemental Silica
  • Biotin 10,000 mcg
  • Choline (Choline bitartrate) 100 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Capsule shell: Hypromellose, Aqua

Recommended Adult Dose:
Take 1 capsule daily or as directed by a health professional.


Bamboo Silica, Biotin & Formation of Collagen 

Silica promotes the formation of collagen in our body. One of the most abundant proteins found in our body, Collagen accounts for being the major component that helps develop strong bones, muscles, skin, tendons, and ligaments.

When there are optimal collagen levels are in our body:

-Optimal collagen levels in the human body, support the continuous wear & tear of the bones, promoting improved muscle mass over time. 

-Our connective tissue is strengthened for joint flexibility, ligaments and muscles.

Additionally, supple skin and elasticity is enhanced as silica stimulates the rapid regrowth of damaged skin tissue. Our product also contains 10,000 mcg of biotin. A biotin deficiency is linked to a number of skin conditions and can also lead to hair loss, which is reversible with biotin supplementation. Biotin may enhance the quality of brittle nails, with patients exhibiting firmer, harder, and thick nails after treatment.

What Is Biotin? The Secret Ingredient for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails!

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, is a  part of the Vitamin B complex that helps convert nutrients into energy. This water-soluble vitamin is an important component of enzymes as it breaks down fats, carbohydrates, and others. This building block of your body plays an active role in boosting many functions in the human body, like the growth of healthy and strong nails & hair and also promotes a healthy metabolism.

Biotin is found in small amounts in a variety of food items including carrots, cauliflower, wheat germ, whole-grain cereals, bananas, soy flour, among others. However, one of its richest sources is meat. Now, our busy lives often demand us to be hustling harder and live a life on the go, increasing the chances of having a biotin deficiency. This way, you might start developing weak nails, weak hairs and itchy rashes among other such problems. 

Will Taking Biotin & Bamboo Silica For Hair Growth Actually Help?

Here’s the good news for people who choose to take biotin for hair growth and younger looking skin: There’s some evidence to suggest that biotin may be helpful, we do know that biotin helps to build proteins needed to maintain youthful hair and skin, including keratin. 

At least several studies, including one published in Dermatology Research and Practice and another in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, have found evidence that taking supplements daily that include biotin for about 3 to 6 month can help to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss/shedding.

One of these studies found that compared to control-treated subjects, those taking the biotin-containing supplements perceived improvements in overall hair volume, scalp coverage, and thickness of hair body after 90 days, and hair shine, skin moisture retention, and skin smoothness after 180 days.

How Does Biotin Help Hair Growth? 

Taking a biotin supplement can help to reverse deficiency in this vitamin and support production of proteins and enzymes that are needed for hair growth. Biotin has been shown to help decrease alopecia (hair loss) in adults and to improve protein synthesis and the infrastructure of keratin, which is a protein that makes up hair, skin and nails.

According to studies, taking high doses of biotin can also help treat weak hair and brittle nails. In fact, this benefit of vitamin B7 was first discovered when horses were effectively treated with biotin to correct problems with the horses’ hooves becoming brittle and cracked.  Other biotin benefits include helping to protect skin from acne, fungal infections, rashes and severe dryness and cracking.

At GNA Naturals, we are always happy to provide you with outstanding health products, which includes our bestselling ultimate hair, skin and nails supplement Bamboo Silica with 10,000 mcg of Biotin!

List of Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Silica Safe to consume?

Yes, it is completely safe to consume silica under a prescribed limit (750-1500 mg), as prescribed by your dietician. However, if you have a medical history or you’re pregnant, we suggest you consult your doctor.

Can Silica Damage Your Kidneys?

There has not been any significant research studies or any known cases of silica causing damage to your kidneys, though you should always check with your doctor to see if taking silica with your other medication matters.

What Does Silica Do in the Body?

Silica is an important mineral that supports flexibility & works as the building block of connective tissues of your body.  Further, it also aids in the collagen production of your body, helping you achieve strong & healthy hair, nails, and skin.