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Bioflavonoids: Everything You Need to Know

Bioflavonoids are antioxidant-enriched groups of polyphenolic plant-derived compounds. These compounds are often used for medicinal or supplemental purposes. One of the widely used vitamins in medicines, supplements, and other healthcare products, Bioflavonoid is renowned for its potent antioxidant power. 

Antioxidants help protect against free radical damage and may also prevent various heart diseases and cancer. Our bodies are often plagued with various virus attacks and allergies, owing to our daily schedule outside in the pollution. Antioxidants help our body deal better with virus attacks and allergies.

Bioflavonoids are often found in food sources such as vegetables and fruits. Some of the unexpected food sources where bioflavonoid is available are wine and dark chocolate. You’ll get to know more about what bioflavonoid is and its benefits in the following lines. Let’s get started

Power of Bioflavonoids 

As explained earlier, bioflavonoids are groups of compounds infused with antioxidants. The compounds help to protect the body from toxic substances and free radical damage that might affect our health. Antioxidants like vitamin C and E always help us protect our body from toxic substances from outside. 

Sometimes flavonoids are not found in high amounts in the bloodstream. But even the slightest amount of flavonoid helps transport antioxidants like vitamin C through all the parts of the body. This might be the primary reason why some supplements found at the store contain both vitamin C and flavonoids as separate ingredients as one helps another perform its duty. 

Three of the most vital uses of Bioflavonoids are given below. 

  • Fights Allergy

High amounts of oxidative stress on the body are known to cause allergic reactions and diseases. Allergic diseases like asthma, rhinitis, and dermatitis are often associated with reactive oxygen species that need to be stabilized. Stabilization of these allergic reactions can be done with the help of flavonoids by scavenging the free radicals. 

A healthy intake of flavonoid supplements and a healthy diet is known to prevent severe allergies and inflammatory reactions that cause diseases like asthma. 

  • Potential Antioxidants

Flavonoids play a huge role in helping the ultra vitamin C + to be absorbed by the body. Bioflavonoids help in various other processes and help to deal with several health issues. Some of the ways in which flavonoids work are given as follows.

  • It helps to increase the antioxidant defense in the body. 
  • It suppresses the production of certain reactive oxygen species (ROS) and deters the enzymes that create free radicals.
  • It finds all the free radicals present in the body and deactivates the radicals before they can harm the body. 
  • Protects the Nervous System

Flavonoids are known for preventing cognitive diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. These chronic diseases are associated with excessive oxidative stress, according to many studies. Flavonoids can help delay the onset or completely prevent such diseases by protecting the nerve cells from any damage. 

Cognitive function and immune responses are both very integral to our well-being, and flavonoids help with blood flow to the brain that may help prevent things like stroke as well. Healthy blood flow throughout the body and to the brain will improve cognitive and brain function. 

  • Supports Heart Health

Inflammation and excessive oxidative stress are some of the primary causes of triggering coronary heart diseases. The antioxidants present in bioflavonoid help improve your cardiovascular health. Consuming small amounts of dietary flavonoids can also support heart health and lower fatal coronary heart diseases. 

Doctor's Tip:

"The reason why citrus bioflavonoids pair nicely with vitamin C is because of the synergy that occurs between the two when found in nature—as in when consumed in citrus fruits. More utility and benefits of these antioxidants occur when they work together, versus using vitamin C alone, as the bioflavonoids are suggested to help with vitamin C absorption in the body," says Brooke Scheller, DCN.

Bioflavonoid Sources

Flavonoid is available in various vegetable sources such as onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, turnip greens, and fruit sources like strawberries, raspberries, lemons, oranges, bananas, apples, and more. However, if you happen to have a lower than the required amount of flavonoids from your diet, you can purchase a supplement. These supplements are easily available at any vitamin store online. 

It is advised to consume more whole fruits and vegetables to get a healthy portion of bioflavonoids in your diet, along with supplements. An adult, on average, should consume somewhere between 200-250mg of flavonoids to get the maximum benefits. Now that you know the number consult with your health care provider to find out if you are having enough bioflavonoids to get prescribed supplements for the best outcome.


Bioflavonoids are one of the lesser-known elements that are responsible for maintaining your overall health. The acceptable and low amount of cholesterol and saturated fat present in flavonoids make them an even better option for daily consumption. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep your body in optimum condition. 

If you do not get sufficient flavonoids from your regular diet, opting for a supplement is an excellent option. You can get bioflavonoid supplements at any local or online store. A healthy body and mind is the definitive solution to a healthy lifestyle, so start your healthy lifestyle journey now with bioflavonoid supplements.