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GNA's Red Orange Complex – Skin Protection From Within

Red-Orange Complexes are viable and useful for many good reasons. They have been skincare experts' best advice to combat skincare issues pertaining to continuous exposure to the sun. They are extracts made out of the rich goodness and benefits of citrus fruits.   

However, some questions still remain. What do they exactly combat us against? What benefits does ROC have for sportspersons that can be of use for non-athletes as well? Do they have any side effects? How do you take them? All of these will be answered in this article.   

What are Red-Orange Complexes Used For

Red-orange complexes are primarily used by sportspeople to support them against the harshness of the sun and the effects of intense activity. The anti-oxidizing benefits of ROC prevent skin damage and inflammation.

These supplements help in the following:   

  • Reduce skin sensitivity so that your skin is porous and active enough to keep bad bacteria away   
  • Prevents skin damage largely cause by extended exposure to UV rays   
  • Helps in healing from ROS by decreasing oxidative stress caused by intense activity   
  • Helps in homogenous skin tanning and texturing  
  • Stops skin inflammation and other skin related problems such as cancers, itches, rashes, etc.   
  • Reduces skin spots, hyperpigmentation in solar lentigo  

This extract, though commonly preferred for sportspersons, can help non-athletes and a general audience too. ROCs make this possible thanks to the anthocyanins, flavonoids, and Vitamin C in them.   

How Red Orange Complexes Help   

Red Orange Complexes, often shortened to ROC, support in healing the skin and preventing the toxins from entering the body. They also tend to speed up the release of antioxidants due to anthocyanin pigments found in the oranges that ROC is made from.  

Reactive Oxygen Species  

Regular physical activity is a great health booster and is commonly recommended to everybody. For athletes and sportspeople, this activity is intense. As a result of this continued intensity and extended exposure to the sun, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated. This reactive oxygen is what is called oxidative stress.  

Oxidative stress severely hampers physical activity and energy levels in athletes. It reduces physical performance, which is the least thing desirable in sportspersons. To combat that, the body is already equipped with responses, and ROCs help alleviates the same.  

UV Rays Exposure  

The harms of UV rays are universally known. Skin inflammation, rashes, and cancers alongside being a catalyst in releasing ROS. Ultraviolet rays also significantly contribute to skin aging and erythema. The best way to prevent this is by using Red Orange Complexes.  

ROCs shield the skin from UV-induced damages. They help with inside-out anti-aging concerns and act as a reliable vitamin supplement to reduce skin inflammation.  

Other Benefits  

ROCs, while primarily focusing on physiological developments of the skin, are also great for the cardiovascular system. They do not cure or prevent anything but the complex helps in alleviating the antioxidants against oxidation of cholesterol levels. They play a critical role in maintaining a healthy heart.  

A study performed on a few healthy, nonobese individuals brought positive results within 15 days of consumption. They sported improved dilation and reduced inflammation, despite not being athletes. ( source

About Red Orange Complexes

Red Orange Complexes are extracts taken out of three red oranges from Morocco, Toracco, and Sanguinello. These oranges contain anthocyanins, flavonoids, vitamin C, carotenoids, and hydroxycinnamic acids that affect the body positively.  

They show results very quickly too. The reason why Red Orange Complexes are recommended is due to the speedy action they imbibe in the body of the user against ROS. Improvements can be noticed within the first 15 days, and that is proven.  

In addition to that, Red-Orange Complex extracts stay on before, during, and after all activities. If you are planning to exercise and take this extract, it does not fade away eventually like other products that chip away with the sun. It stays and keeps you proactive and protective from the harsh effects of the sun.  

Until a few years ago, it was used only by sportspersons. Now it is advised to diabetic people, people who are constantly under the vigilance of pollution, smokers, and sportsmen. Their antioxidant strength is weakened and compromised due to their activity and/or health conditions. However, ROC builds on that lack of strength and protects them against the ills of ROS.  

Not only that, Red Orange Complexes have no side effects at all. It has reduced erythema and contains anti-cancer elements that will safeguard your skin from the devastating effects of UV rays.  

Doctor's Advice:

“Oranges provide “more than 100% of the daily vitamin C requirement. This can help your body to protect cells, produce collagen and absorb iron," said Clare Thornton-Wood, a registered dietician and British Dietetic Association (BDA) spokesperson.


How Is It Taken?

Red Orange Complexes are usually sold as capsules, where each of them contains 100mg of the extract. They are usually taken before eating food though they can be taken after food too.  

GNA'S Red Orange Complex

GNA's Red Orange Complex extracts are safely and correctly tested and proven supplements. Your skin is the key protector of your body against many viruses and bacterial agents, and GNA's complex assures you that safety and guarantee. It provides a riskless barrier for the skin to take on to protect the body against the harms of UV Rays.  

GNA's complex prevents many damages that the cause of the harmful radiation. It fights against photo-aging and hyperpigmentation due to solar lentigo. It is a clinically tested and approved product made of carefully selected oranges.  

This skin protection from within the product is easy to consume and brings a plethora of benefits to the user. No more worries about how the sun will affect you. This supplement is a one-stop solution for them all.