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Bamboo Extract – One of The Most Exciting Ingredients for Your Skin

One of the most interesting ingredients that have been discovered by the world of K-Beauty or Korean Beauty is bamboo extracts. Surprised? We were too, when we first came across this ingredient in a range of popular K-Beauty products. After careful research, we have concluded that bamboo extracts, especially in the form of bamboo silica supplements, are great for your skin!

Still dubious? Fret not. In this article, we will highlight the reasons why bamboo extract is a savior for your skin and how it helps your skin get and maintain its glow. But first, let us get a general understanding of this versatile plant.

Bamboo Extracts - A Versatile Product

You have probably always thought of bamboo as a beautiful exotic grass that makes a colorful addition to one’s garden and is also the food for Lemurs of Madagascar and the Giant Panda from China. But guess what? It does much more than that.

Bamboo extracts as a commercial product are a truly versatile ingredient. In many cultures, it has been used for construction in artisan crafts like serving ware and musical instruments and even flooring. It is also used as a textile material in certain areas and is used in clothing and bed linens.

Bamboo has over 1500 species all over the world except in Antarctica and Europe. And due to its versatile nature and sustainability, it is fast making a name for itself as a renewable resource and a versatile product.

Apart from the various uses, as we recently discovered, bamboo extracts can also be used in one’s skincare routine. Here’s how it is done.

Bamboo Extract – One of The Most Exciting Ingredients for Your Skin


Bamboo Extracts For Your Skin

Bamboo extracts have excellent skin benefits, and this advantage was discovered by the Koreans a while back. It is excellent for your skin as it is rich in natural silica, an essential mineral perfect for enhancing healthy hair and skin. Bamboo contains almost 70% silica, which makes it the richest natural source of this crucial mineral. Thus, K-Beauty products have included bamboo extracts in their skincare products to promote healthy, glowing, soft, and supple skin.

Now let us understand how the silica in bamboo helps us get soft glowing skin. 

Doctor's Advice:

"It’s important to talk with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet. Be advised that most silica supplements are not FDA-approved," says Dr. Matthew Lopresti, chief surgeon of Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.


How Bamboo Brings Radiance To Your Skin

When we are young, our skin has higher levels of silica and collagen. These levels decline with age and thus bring rough, wrinkly skin as we get older. While the relation between aged skin and collagen is known to many, silica and aging are relatively unknown. Here is how silica is essential for our skin health.

Silica is the essential mineral responsible for making our skin radiant, soft, and supple and our hair shiny and smooth. As we grow older, the levels of silica in our body decreases, leading us to lose the shine in our hair and the glow in our skin. 

Another factor that goes into aging is the weakening of the moisture barrier. With age, our moisture barriers lose strength leading to losing skin that remains unprotected from the dirt and pollution of the environment.

This is where the advantages of the bamboo extracts step in. Being high in silica, bamboo extract increased the levels of this essential mineral in our body. It also helps to strengthen our moisture barrier that allows our skin to come healthier, giving back its glow even as we grow older.

Bamboo extract also helps to build collagen in our cells while locking the moisture on our skin surface. This allows our skin to protect itself from harmful UV rays. 

Also, being rich in methanol, essential amino acids, and antioxidants promote healthy and fast healing of any minor cuts and scrapes on our skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that make it the perfect skincare ingredient for those suffering from acne-prone or sensitive skin. 

Bamboo extracts are found in skincare products in the form of bamboo silica supplements which retain all the benefits mentioned above of the extract and help us maintain happier, healthier skin as we grow old.


While bamboo extracts are great for your skin, not all of them are helpful for your skin. Certain extracts like those of Giant Bamboo or Arundinaria gigantea are great for your skin. So we suggest taking a look at the type of bamboo extract included in the product before you start using it on your skin.


Thus, to conclude, we can say that bamboo extracts in the form of bamboo silica supplements are one of the best ingredients to include in your skincare routine. This natural ingredient will be soft and gentle with your skin, helping your skin retain its natural and healthy glow. We hope this article helped you gain insight into the benefits and usefulness of bamboo extracts for your skin.