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Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer - 125ml

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer - 125ml [Pack of 6]

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GNA Hand Gel Sanitizer with Eucalyptus oil is comprised of 70% Ethyl Alcohol and kills 99.99% of most common germs without water. Most cheaper hand sanitizers on the market contain only 62% alcohol content; however, to guarantee effectiveness, it’s been proven 70% alcohol level is required. Additionally, we added Eucalyptus oil to increase its effectiveness
and help reduce drying effects.

Easy to use. Easy to apply. Dries quickly with no sticky residue. Less drying than regular hand sanitizer.

• Double action with alcohol and eucalyptus oil
• Antibacterial and paraben-free
• Non-greasy clear gel formula
• Reduced chapped hands
• Convenient travel size with easy to use push top