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Some Facts About The Hand Sanitizer That You Should Know

Today, when the world is recovering from a pandemic, sanitizers have become a must. Little did we know how important this would become in our lives. A few years back, we were hardly aware of the significance of sanitizer. Well, now they have become an integral part of our lives.

Not just for covid-19, hand sanitizers must be used daily regularly. This is because they prevent all other germs from entering our bodies and causing harm.

Why should we use hand sanitizers?

We are all aware of the importance of sanitizing our hands. It reduces the chance of germs transmission from the palms to our mouth and then inside the body. But are you ready to take this risk? No, right? You never know which fatal germ gets into your body and causes you extreme harm. To prevent yourself from such situations, make it a habit to use hand sanitizers.

Sanitizers have an ample number of alcoholic components that kill all the germs. In addition, it has an easy application. You do not need water or wipes after using it. You are good to go just a little bit on your palms. However, make sure all the sections of your hand are sanitized well.

There are both liquid sanitizers and sanitizer wipes available on the market. You may opt for either. Ideally, sanitizers are more pocket-friendly and handy. Whereas sanitizer wipes provide a better application. Nevertheless, both of them do their job efficiently.

Down below is the list of a few things that every person should know about the hand sanitizer:

1 They are used only for killing the germs: The main role of the hand sanitizer is to kill the germs that are available on our hands. It can easily kill all the germs in less time. But most people think that sanitizer also helps to clean our hands. But if we use soap and water to kill the germs on our hands, then that's not the right way to do it. Soap and water can be used to wash our hands. However, they can't kill the germs and infections that are present on our hands.

2 Excessive use of hand sanitizers can cause some skin diseases: Hand sanitizers are the best solution to kill all the germs and infections that exist on our hands. The higher the content of alcohol mixed in the sanitizer, the more is the effect of the sanitizer. Using a sanitizer that has a good percentage of alcohol in it can cause very fewer irritating problems. But the person who uses cheap hand sanitizer frequently that consists of less percentage of alcohol content then it can lead to itching and several other skin issues.

3 Perfect technique to use the hand sanitizer:
Most people who misuse hand sanitizer use them. Hand sanitizers can be very effective if they are used appropriately. A few steps can lead to the effective use of hand sanitizer. Firstly, apply the sanitizer on the palm to ensure that the quantity taken is enough for both hands. Then rub both the hands until they become dry again. Use the sanitizer mainly on the fingertips because that’s the main part of the hand which comes in contact with most of the surrounding things.
4 Homemade sanitizers are also effective: During the pandemic time, most people started making sanitizers at home. But the majority of the people think that the recipes used for making the homemade sanitizer are not worth it. But the fact is that both types of hand sanitizer can effectively kill the germs and infections present on our hands. But if the homemade sanitizers are made incorrectly, that can lead to bad reports for the skins. Excess amounts of alcohol in the bottle of homemade sanitizers can also be dangerous for the skin and fingernails. So, it's better to select the appropriate recipe to make homemade sanitizers.

5. Not safe for children: according to a recent research, it has been found that hand sanitizers comprise 60-95% alcohol. Hence, it is not considered safe for children to use. Any accidental use of the sanitizers can lead to abdominal pain and vomiting. Apart from this, inhaling the sanitizer can also be harmful. If children use it, it can sometimes go into their eyes which can lead to irritation. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that the hand sanitizer does not reach a child, otherwise it can be harmful for their health.


Did you know about all these facts before? If not, then hopefully, you have enriched yourself with the information. Do not stop using hand sanitizers even when the world completely recovers from Covid-19. We can then prevent any other pandemic in the years to come. Make sure you  get a good hand sanitizer to fight all the germs away.