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GNA's Allergy Relief ft. Quail Eggs

Maintaining respiratory health is one of the big challenges that we face today with ongoing exposure to industrial and automobile exhaust pollution, cigarette smoke, and indoor and outdoor allergens.

Occasional rhinitis symptoms caused by exposure to pollution or allergens is a growing concern. Groups that are particularly vulnerable are those who develop hypersensitivity to plant or animal-based allergens such as pollen from trees, grass and weeds, pet hair and house mites.

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Based first on empirical observation of a lesser occurrence of allergies in quail farmers and then scientific works on ovomucoid properties, we developed a dietary supplement for the relief of such occasional rhinitis symptoms.

GNA Naturals Allergy Relief provides a solution for allergy sufferers that are for a fast-acting natural solution that is suitable for the entire family. Fast acting allergy relief is a:

- Natural Histamine Blocker

- Multi-symptom Relief

- Indoor and Outdoor Seasonal and Environmental Allergies

- Pollens, Dust mites, Mold, Animal dander and much more

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The fasting acting Allergy Relief is the only natural histamine blocker which provides fast relief from the most uncomfortable allergy symptoms. A proprietary formula made of natural and unique bio-actives derived from quail eggs. Allergy Relief bio-actives are ovomucoids, a glycoprotein derived from quail egg of a specific quail species. Investigation in quail eggs dates back in Europe to the early 1970’s.

Allergy Relief acts upstream of the allergic cascade by blocking allergens before they can activate the immune cells and therefore prevents the release of inflammatory mediators such as histamine. Scientifically proven to prevent allergens from getting into contact with Immunoglobulin E (IgE) by exerting a competitive inhibition on the binding site.

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In one scientific study, “A proprietary blend of quail egg for the attenuation of nasal provocation with a standardized allergenic challenge: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study,” it discusses that the objective of the study was to determine whether one acute oral dose of the study product attenuates nasal provocation and other allergy-related symptoms after exposure to a standardized allergenic challenge as compared to placebo.

The active product resulted in statistically significant improvements in most of the subjects’ perceived feelings of well-being based on VAS scores. No adverse events occurred during the study. 


Allergic rhinitis symptoms mainly result from an immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated temporary immune response against environmental triggers. In individuals with a sensitized immune system, allergen-specific IgE antibodies produced in response to environmental allergens are bound to mast cells and basophil membranes.

Subsequent exposure to the same allergen causes cross-linking of bound IgE by those allergens which activates mast cells and basophils, and leads to cellular degranulation and the transient release of pro-inflammatory mediators including histamine. This cascading pathway is responsible for immediate symptoms which can begin within a few minutes of exposure to the allergen.

Therefore, the goal of this study was to determine whether a proprietary quail egg-based dietary supplement would reduce or alleviate the physical symptoms acutely experienced by healthy subjects upon exposure to a cocktail of commonly encountered outdoor and indoor allergens.

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Healthy subjects were recruited to participate in a randomized, double-blind, two-arm crossover, placebo-controlled, clinical trial. One acute dose of either the active study product (proprietary blend of quail egg) or placebo was given concomitantly to the standardized allergenic challenge.

The primary endpoint was peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF) measurement and the secondary endpoints were subjects’ perceived feelings of well-being based on Visual Analog Scale (VAS) scores for allergy-related symptoms, as well as immunoglobulin E count. Forty-three healthy subjects were enrolled and evaluable in a per protocol analysis. 

A gradual increase in PNIF from nadir up to Time 120 reflected the normal, gradual recovery from nasal obstruction induced by allergenic challenge for both the active and the placebo groups. At all post challenge time points, the active group had higher PNIF values compared to the placebo group, indicating that the active product was associated with fewer symptoms and reduced intensity of these symptoms.


In this study, the active product was shown to be effective in healthy subjects overexposed to allergens. Under normal environmental conditions where occasional allergy sufferers are exposed to allergens, episodic allergy-related symptoms can be burdensome. When symptoms persist under these conditions, the repeated use of the active study product may provide long-lasting relief. This was demonstrated in previous double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted by Bruttmann (1995).

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In these studies, subjects who were exposed to naturally occurring, continuous allergen challenges suffered from resulting perennial and pollen-induced seasonal rhinitis. Administration of quail egg homogenate to these subjects on a daily basis for a sustained period (several months in duration) resulted in significant improvements in allergy related symptoms and a reduction in the use of rescue medications.

From shortly after the time of consumption following allergen exposure, the active study product provides significant attenuation of the allergic reaction and quick relief from allergy-related symptoms. This naturally  derived product is devoid of major drawbacks and adverse effects such as drowsiness. However, the active study product should be contraindicated for subjects with a history of egg allergies.

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The dietary supplement was proven to be effective in attenuating allergy-related symptoms after exposure to a standardized allergenic challenge. Administration of an acute oral dose resulted in objective improvements in nasal breathing evidenced by PNIF measurements, as well as improvements of other allergy related symptoms including itchy nose, itchy eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, and watery eyes self-assessed by subjects’ perceived feelings of well-being using subjective VAS Symptom Scores.

Improvements in allergy-related symptoms were obtained 15 min after product intake, which demonstrates this product’s fast-acting properties. The active study product was confirmed to be safe and tolerable, without the occurrence of adverse events during the study.

In conclusion, the dietary supplement consisting of proprietary blend made of quail eggs provides fast and efficient relief of allergic rhinitis symptoms caused by the most common outdoor and indoor allergens, without adverse events.

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Therefore, GNA Naturals Allergy Relief provides multi symptom relief for indoor and outdoor seasonal and environmental allergies. Effective on all types of seasonal and perennial allergens – pollens, dust mites, mold, animal dander.

At GNA Naturals, we triple test all our products and guarantee the highest quality and purity. We offer free shipping on $60 orders. We value our customers as your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our philosophy. GNA Naturals is always happy to provide you with outstanding products, so visit us now at and we will help you optimize your health.


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