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Top Tips for Working from Home

At first, working from home may seem pretty good. You ca answer emails and tune into a video calls in your pajamas? You have all-day access to your kitchen, bathroom and couch, all while getting paid to work may sound like a win-win. The real truth is that working from home can also be very challenging, especially if you have always worked in an office.

1. Create A Schedule

Creating and staying true to a schedule will help you to maintain productivity at home. You should also be separating your day into work and personal hours.

2. Set Up A Work Space

When you are adjusting to work from home, it is in your benefit to set up a designate work space.

3. Stick to a Routine

In many studies it shows that sticking to a routine will help to normalize your day-to-day schedule.

Starting your day off right is very important. Even though you may not want to do this, but waking up early, making a cup of coffee and getting dressed as if you are going to work will set the tone for a healthy, productive day.

4. Make Boundaries Between Work & Home Spaces

It can be hard for your family to understand that you’re “off limits” while working, especially when your work and living spaces are together. Just like working at an office and organization, there should be a time when you’re able to check-out and enjoy personal or family time.

5. Take Breaks

The greatest perks of working from home is that your breaks are not set to a certain time and just to the office building. It is very important to put some time aside for breaks to take your mind off of work for a bit.

You can take a walk in your neighborhood, read a book or do a bit of exercise.

How to Maintain Productivity While Working!


Here are some quick and easy "working from home" tips for productivity:

  • Be Sure to Set daily goals
  • Wake up early
  • Work in 90-minute intervals
  • Tackle the most important tasks first
  • Take scheduled breaks
  • Exercise daily
  • Consume nutrient-dense, nourishing foods
  • Move around while on calls
  • Reduce distractions and interruptions
  • Check-in with managers and coworkers

What do you do to maintain productivity for work or at home?