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Vitamin D3 - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D

What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3, an essential fat soluble vitamin more is widely known as the "sunshine vitamin", is naturally present in very few foods which makes it hard to take via diet. Although it is classified as a vitamin, vitamin D3 should be considered a prohormone because it is involved in many metabolic processes in the body.

This vitamin plays a role in calcium and phosphorus balance which is crucial for bone health, and nerve and muscle activity. Vitamin D3 also regulates blood pressure, immune function, cell production and insulin secretion.

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Did you know that Vitamin D3 stands out from other micronutrients because it’s one of the few vitamins that your body is able to produce all on its own?

The skin on our bodies is actually able to synthesize vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Unfortunately, most of us lack in this important nutrient because we either live in the Northern Hemisphere and for that reason we don’t get enough sunlight, or we covered up when we go outside and not showing skin while in the sun.

For these reasons, many people are vitamin D3 deficient, and since it’s found in very few food sources, it’s often necessary to take a vitamin D3 supplement to help meet our daily needs of vitamin D3.

If you are not able to get outside and get enough sun, then our emulsified Vitamin D3 supplement can provide you with the next best thing. We offer high quality, fast absorbing, vital nutrient which provides optimal results when Mother Nature can't.

GNA Naturals Vitamin D

Why You Need Vitamin D?

Vitamin D3 is vital to several different aspects of our health. Although it’s mostly known for its ability to strengthen the bones and boost calcium absorption, very few know that it’s also involved in:

  • immune function
  • disease prevention
  • mood / S.A.D regulation
  • weight control

It's important to note, that a deficiency in vitamin D3 can cause more issues like hair loss, chronic pain, and decreased wound healing. Many people are also at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency, this group may include older adults, overweight individuals and those living in northern latitudes (lack of sunlight).

GNA Naturals Vitamin D3

Did you know that Vitamin D3 plays an integral role in bone metabolism?

Research in many studies shows that in addition to increasing calcium absorption, vitamin D is also involved in the metabolism of phosphorus, which is another key mineral that supports bone health. According to one study in the Journal of Mid-life Nutrition, low levels of vitamin D were associated with decreased bone mineral density in women.

Do you know how our bodies get Vitamin D from the sun to prevent Vitamin D deficiency symptoms?

Direct exposure to your skin from the sun is the best way to absorb this important vitamin.

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When you sit in the sun unexposed, without sunscreen, for about 10-15 minutes, you can likely absorb about 10,000 units of natural vitamin D3. Best to note that this amount differs from each individual, depending on skin tone and melanin levels.

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